Air Dry Clay Creative Art to Do with Kids for Valentines Day

 Air Dry Clay Creative Art to Do with Kids for Valentines Day

Air dry clay is a fun activity for kids and adults. You can really get creative making whatever is in your mind with air dry clay. It is easy to make and you can do decorations for the holidays with it. Valentines Day is coming up and with air dry clay you can make valentines for all the people on your list. Air dry clay can be made into a heart with something written on it. Like “Happy Valentines Day”. Or “Be My Valentine”. A child could make homemade Valentines for there entire class for Valentines Day with air dried clay.

Making air dry clay is a fun activity for kids to do with each other. It can be a party activity and the kids can share ideas making objects with air dry clay. If you are experiencing a snow day you can make air dry clay an activity for the day.

The recipe for making air dry clay is quick and easy buy only an adult should make the actual air dry clay. Kids get to shape it into whatever they want.

To make air dry clay you will need two cups of baking soda, one cup of corn starch and one and a half cups of water. Put these ingredients into a sauce pan and cook if over medium heat till the mixture Is the consistency of mashed potatoes. Then take the saucepan off the heat and let it cool. When it is cool to the touch you can put it one a non porous safe surface to make your air dry clay art. You can use a flat pan as a work surface or a tabletop or counter. Working with air dry clay can be messy so be sure to wear cloths that are ok to get messy.

Get as creative as you want with air dry clay. You can roll the air dry clay flat and take a cookie cutter and cut out shapes like hearts and stars. After the shapes have dried you can take some paint and paint them. You can make monsters and animals with the air dry clay. Or you can make a pot or vase and paint it when it dries.

Air dry clay can be stored for a short time. Take an airtight container and put the air dry clay in it. If you don’t use it soon enough it will get old and moldy so make sure you use it before it gets moldy. If you keep it in a cool place it will last longer then if you leave it at room temperature. Take time to be with your children and enjoy making things with them.

Adam Guzman

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