Family Portrait Puzzle Wall Art Craft Project

 Family Portrait Puzzle Wall Art Craft Project

This Family Portrait Puzzle Wall Art Project is a fun and fabulous way to create a large or small family portrait for your home. The materials are affordable and easy. You don’t even have to be able to paint, draw, or even sew to create this fun Family Portrait wall art project. Overall, you should be able to make this wall art project for less than $50, but that depends on what materials you need to purchase.

To Make a Family Portrait Wall Art Project You Will Need:

  • Foam Art Boards (You decide how many. You can substitute thick cardboard for this to
  • Save some money)
  • Family Portrait (photo copied to size)
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Exacto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Picture hanging hooks
  • Hot glue
  • Velcro (optional)

How To Do It

To start this easy Family Portrait art project you need to choose a Family Portrait. You can take individual pictures of each family member or even a group shot! Get creative!

Next, decide how big you want to make your puzzle. You can make it as small as 2′ X 3’in this case case I would recommend using cardboard instead of foam board. You could also make this art project as large as 8′ X 10′ to cover a really large wall.

Take your Family Portrait to Kinko’s and have it photo copied.

If you are going to make this project really large you have a few additional steps. First, decide how tall and wide you finished art project will be. Let’s say you are making it 8 feet by 10 feet. Take your Family Portrait and mark it out in 8 vertical cubes by 10 horizontal cubes. To do this divide the right vertical edge of your photo in to 8 equal parts. Repeat on the left edge. Use a pencil to mark it off.

Now, mark your top horizontal edge of in ten equal pieces. Repeat on the bottom. Now, trace a line using a ruler from one dot the other dot directly across from it. You will end up with your grid of 8 cubes by 10 cubes. Cut each cube out with a sharp pair of scissors.

Now, photocopy each of your Family Portrait cubes up to at least a 1 foot tall finished product.

(If you are doing this on a small scale you will need to grid up your photocopy and cut it to go on your puzzle pieces.)

Now, for what I think is the fun part of this craft project. You need to make your puzzle pieces. Simply cut out your puzzle pieces, making sure they fit together and eventually cover the square footage you want.

Now, lay you photocopied Family Portrait pieces face down on your work surface. Make sure they are lined up correctly and touching. Basically they are making you photo face down.

Start on the top left, placing your first piece of the Family Portrait puzzle down. Use a pencil to trace it out. Add another piece and keep tracing. Continue this until all of your artwork is traced out to match a puzzle piece. Cut your Family Portrait out.

Apply a light coat of spray adhesive to your foam board puzzle piece. Lay the corresponding piece of Family Portrait on. Smooth an air bubbles out with your hand. Continue repeating this process until you have finished.

Now, to hang your Family Portrait you need to hot glue those small metal picture hanging bracket on the back of the foam. Then hang your hooks on the wall and start putting the puzzle together. You could also very easily use self-adhering Velcro to hang this light art work.

For a little fun try taking the corners of the family portrait puzzle and hanging them so they look like they are tilted out, like they are lying on a table. To do this turn you pieces like you want to hang them on the wall. Glue the hook to the top of the piece when it is placed at an angle.

For an even bigger twist to this fun family portrait craft project why not mix and match the pieces in the wrong order. You can put your sister’s head on your Dad’s shoulders. This is a fun conversation starter that will have everyone looking at your art work! To do this you need to make sure the shape you cut all threads out is the same size and shape puzzle piece so it can be interchangeable. Try doing this with the feet and hands as well!

Tip: Do not use decoupage to adherer your Family Portrait to the puzzle pieces. As it dries it will bend the foam board as it dries.

Adam Guzman

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