Hand Drawn Anime: A Review of Alvin’s Art Website

 Hand Drawn Anime: A Review of Alvin’s Art Website

Alvin’s Art is a really interesting new website I recently came over while searching manga drawing techniques on google.

You really must visit this innovative site, whether you’re interested in drawing anime or not.

Alvin’s Art basis is really thought out. It provides easy to understand hand drawn tutorials covering a variety of different areas used when drawing anime and manga.

The tutorial themselves are really wonderful. Not only do they have big, clear pictures demonstrating the purpose of the tutorial, but the text and content itself is really fun and entertaining to read with lots of tips. And the best thing, depending on your experience, you will probably learn something new and useful everytime you read one of the tutorials – which are claimed to come out of a weekly basis, but is usually off by a few days up or down.

The tutorials are very useful, and generally I would rate each one a 9 out of 10.

Alvin’s Art is also very easy to use. Just click on the tutorial you want and read away. Of course the newest and latest tutorials appear on the main page. The only problem I have is that the tutorial listing which shows up links to all the tutorials is a bit hard to find. It’s on the right hand site of the sidebar near the top next to that black dot. Why the black dot is there, I honestly have no idea. So given that there is only a minor problem, I would rate Functionality a 9 out of 10 too. If the user ever changes it so that the tutorial listing is a lot easier to find, then Functionality for Alvin’s Art would easily achieve a 10 out of 10, or a perfect score.

Alvin’s Art has a very smart and simple layout, which is easy on the eyes. The text is a good size. Not too big, because there is quite a far bit of text sometimes, which would make the article appear really long and boring, and not too small so that you can’t even read the text at all, or have to strain your eyes to make out the sentences.

The only problem is that there is no custom header, which makes the site pretty bland. Emailing the site’s owner, who’s name is Alvin (just like mine!), he assured me that a header is one it’s way. The layout would receive a 8 out of 10 because it’s very easy on the eyes and also looks smart and sophisticated. Nothing too fancy or distracting. With a custom header I would rate the layout a 9 out of 10.

Finally Alvin’s Art’s popularity. Talking to the owner of the site, he said that the site was going very well, and attracting a lot of visitors for such a new blog. He told me that the very first day Alvin’s Art went public, there were over 80 people who visited, and by the second day the number of visitors catapulted over 100. He also went on to say that the supportive feedback he received from readers helped him keep motivated to keep the site alive. Although Alvin’s Art may not reach as many visitors as other sites, for such a new site it is going very well. I would rate the popularity of Alvin’s Art a 8 out of 10.

My Ratings

  • Usefulness: 9/10
  • Functionality: 9/10
  • Layout: 8/10
  • Popularity: 8/10

Which brings Alvin’s Art an average score of 8.5 out of 10. A very strong and promising score for such a new site. Check it out today! Click here to visit the site.

Adam Guzman

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