How to Create Unique Country Kitchen Wall Art for Almost Nothing

 How to Create Unique Country Kitchen Wall Art for Almost Nothing

Wall decor for kitchens doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Instead of spending time searching for art prints and paintings to display in your kitchen and dining room, why not create your own with the help of your digital camera? If you can operate a camera, you can make beautiful, country kitchen wall art that’s sure to bring compliments from guests. Here’s how to use your digital camera to create country kitchen wall art.

How To Make Kitchen Wall Art

First you’ll need to gather some fruits, vegetables and a variety of interesting vases and accessories to serve as props for your photos. Before making your choices you may want to flip through culinary art magazines and look at some of the professional food photos for inspiration. Pay a visit to your local supermarket and select attractive vegetables and fruits to serve as the subject for your photos. Some interesting food items you could photograph include close-up shots of hot peppers, arrangements of citrus fruits, a close up of a cut apple revealing the seeds inside, or a bunch of grapes arranged in a pretty metal container. Don’t restrict yourself just to food items. Take photos of old teapots and bottles of wine for interesting wall decor for kitchens. You may be able to find old teapots and other unique kitchen props at your local thrift store to serve as props for your art.

Now that you’ve collected the items to create your country kitchen wall art, you’ll need to create a backdrop to give a professional looking background. The best way to do this is to hang a piece of white or neutral fabric from a towel rack or cabinet and let it fall onto the counter. Place the items to be photographed onto the draped fabric and arrange them in an interesting arrangement. For lighting, if you have a sunny kitchen, open the shades and use natural light. Try to photograph close to a window on a bright, sunny day for best results.

Before snapping the photos for your country kitchen wall art, make sure your arrangement is powerful and uncluttered. Focus in on one part of the arrangement for a more dramatic effect. If you want to give added shine to fruits and vegetables, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to their surface. Another interesting effect can be created by sprinkling fruits and vegetables with drops of water.

Once you’ve taken the photos for your country kitchen wall art, load them into an image editing software and make any corrections or use the tools to give them a more artistic effect. Once you’re satisfied with the results, buy some inexpensive picture frames and display your delicious new photos. Who says wall décor for kitchens has to cost a lot of money?

Adam Guzman

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