How To Make A Handmade Coffee Table

 How To Make A Handmade Coffee Table

DIY projects are one of the most rewarding experiences you can have these days, where everything is ready for you to just buy, it feels extremely rewarding to just build yourself something that truly has some personality in it. Building a coffee table might be one of the most interesting ones. It doesn’t require much effort but it will still take some time and thinking before you start putting it together. You don’t need to stress it too much, everyone can do it and it is a perfect way to start getting into the world of DIY.

However, like everything, it will require some preparation and planning before you get on with it. I am here to provide you the knowledge, tips and support every step of the way so you get the best possible results in your DIY project. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

The first thing that you have to do before starting anything, is choosing the design. While you can wing it, it is not advisable since a coffee table is one of the most visible things in the living room, so choose the design first then go on with the other steps. After choosing a design that will be just enough for your skill level and will fit into the design of your room you will be ready to go. You also need to know the type of the machine you will be using to make coffee, so you can build it based on that.

Next up you should start gathering and preparing your parts. It is important to have some extra parts just in case to save you a trip to the home store. Take note of everything you will need and check to see if you have enough tools to complete the project. While a screwdriver and a saw will be enough, the more the merrier in this instance. I would suggest you drill in some angled holes to make things easier to mount. Also, cut all the pieces to the desired size beforehand to have an effortless mounting process.

The first thing you should start building is the base. Glue and pocket-screw the legs, rails, and all the pieces in between, this is where the angled holes will come in to help you out. Check to see if everything is stable enough and reinforce where needed.

After all, this assembles the top, if you have cut your wood beforehand and have planned it all out this should be fairly easy, but even if not you can get along. Just make sure that everything is even and glued tightly, it is recommended to use clamps for this task to have better durability. Then attach the top to the base, and paint the whole thing to give it a natural, vibrant or rich look depending on your preference and the room design.

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